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Friday 17 June 2022

Kestrel Update


I again visited both Kestrel nest sites on June 11th, of the 2 it looks like the Quarry site is slightly ahead of the Beckton Works site, both have 4 juveniles apiece.

Prey on both sites has been mainly mice/voles and the occasional lizard, I hope to visit both sites again on Sunday, fledging is not that far away.

Having watched both sites extensively over the last few years, fledging at the Quarry sites seems to go smoothly, the Beckton Kessies, despite a larger exercise/wing strengthening area do ground more, as per last year. Luckily the staff at Beckton got to them before the Crows/Magpies did and a couple were placed up on the high roof.

                                                              Quarry site - more advanced

                                                                  Beckton - younger

                                                         Cached prey being retrieved

Staff are again looking out for them at Thames Water and hopefully it will go without a hitch, watch this space……

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