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Monday 20 December 2021

Barn Owl Box No 2


Following on from the 1st Barnie box erected on November 6th, we stood and concreted in the 2nd box to compliment it on Sunday. Boxes as a rule, are usually placed in pairs for the following reasons –

Although barn owl nests are usually well spaced out, placing boxes in pairs, from twenty to a few hundred metres apart, will provide a pair with roosting as well as nesting sites. The male and female roost separately, and some pairs use different boxes in those good years when they can have two broods.

This time I had the help of my other 2 amigo’s, Lee and Martin, a very cold, foggy and grey morning it turned out to be but we all soon warmed up with the activity. The 3 of us stood the pole/box and it dropped into the hole quite straightforwardly.

From this we then turned it in the right direction, in this case towards the east, it was then plumbed and braced and 14 bags of postcrete later, the job was finished, it took around 90 minutes.

I have to say a big thanks to Mart and Lee for giving their time up, especially at this time of year, they put up with me well, had a laugh doing it, there is no way I could do any of this without the help of all my good mates.

I have put a Trail Cam on it for a while to see how long it takes, if you recall the 1st one placed took a day, it wouldn’t surprise me if one or more found it Sunday night...........

Now onto the next project, got to keep them busy, Kestrel and Little Owl box going up next.



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  1. Your more than welcome Dave and you know we will always help. It’s worthwhile and we always have a laugh as well