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Monday, 1 February 2021

Ingrebourne Valley Site List


199.... nearly there.

As you can see above, the Ingrebourne Valley List is now not far off the 200 total and thoughts during lockdown turn towards what new species will move it up to the magic 200 mark in the near future.

With more of us now covering it, I would suspect that it will likely be this year, after lockdown, when more movement is allowed and we have this terrible disease under control.

In terms of what species will push it to 200,off the top of my head it could be Glossy Ibis, Caspian Gull or another goodie possibly on the Res, Red Rumped Swallow is not the rarity it once was, Yellow Browed, Sibe Chiffchaff or one of the even rarer Warblers, Golden Oriole, Purple Heron the list goes on.

Thinking back, it has been my local patch since about 1988 having looked at my records, so I have covered it for around 32 years along the way finding and seeing some good birds others have found.

On a personal note my list is 176 so a good few down on that total.

Greater Scaup - 2017

Cattle Egret 2010 - surely now due another one

Firecrest 2010 - there were a few more recent ones

Black Necked Grebe - bred 20 years ago in 2001

Osprey over 2010

Ringtail Hen Harrier mobbed by Sparrowhawk 2010

Pinkfeet Geese 2010

White Fronted Goose - 2012 - hopefully still time for us to get one this winter


  1. I'm surprised you haven't had Caspian Gull Dave, especially as your'e not far from the Thames. Will look forward to hearing what number 200 will be?

  2. There has very likely been one Tony but very likely overlooked, certainly by me, as admittedly I'm not into Gulls which I should be. Suspect one of the others will pick one up soon, it is well overdue.

  3. Great post Dave, I reckon it will fall quite quick. This spring, we’ll all be so fed up with being indoors we’ll all be living over there

    1. Cheers Lee, as you say after lockdown everyone is going to bash it big time, your off to a good start as well this year.