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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Beckton Kestrel release

Glad to say he made it, picked up the little chap from South Essex Wildlife Hospital on Wednesday 20th, as ever they did a fantastic job and he looked a far cry from when he was found, he looked lively and his feathering was back to a nice colour.

Always good to see a bit of attitude on release, he flew and climbed quickly landing on a pylon, its one he always uses. Watched him for a while before he again flew west, he had fed well in the morning so presumed he was having a look at territory or looking for the female as 12 days had elapsed since Friday 8th.

Still with blood on his bill from morning feed.


Off sightseeing

Left him to it and had a look round site and came back a couple of hours later, briefly saw the female with him before he then started preening back on his favoured pipe. 

Back on his favoured pipe preening

A good result all round considering his condition on the 8th, I didn’t think he would make it.


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    1. Thanks, Hospital did most of the work, hopefully another brood from him next year.