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Thursday, 24 October 2019

Peregrine Nest Clean Up

I had kindly been give access to this nest site by the owners as the building was being scaffolded for some reservation works, the opportunity was there as the cleanup is usually undertaken annually by 2 Abseliers. The best thing about it was that it had a hoist to the top, a bit of a luxury, far easier on the joints and my little legs.

It’s been a very productive nest site, since 2006 it has produced an outstanding 30 juveniles, its only the second time I have had access physically to the nest site in 13 years so I jumped at it literally, as expected plenty of prey up there.

However most of it was underwater near the nest tray as the drain hole was bunged up but a lot of stuff was identifiable, if not a bit smelly being in the water.

I was able to confirm at the nest site - Wood Pigeon, 4 Ring Necked Parakeets, 3 Starling, Green Woodpecker, 2 Black Headed Gulls, 2 Redwing, an unidentified small wader and various Feral Pigeons.

Green Woodpecker skull

After getting it ship shape, fresh substrate in the tray, cleaning out the tray area and bunghole it was ready for them for 2020, the work will be finished before breeding so all good hopefully.

After with fresh substrate - should dry out soon

On the way back down we went past 2 other caching sites, on the first one was another Wood Pigeon partially eaten, the chaps had watched one of the peregrines bring this in that morning, I would suspect it was the Falcon as Woodies are heavy birds to carry.

On the next caching site was a Woodcock, again fresh and more or less definitely taken at night as most are, it is sad that it was taken but its nature as we know, nocturnal hunting is just another string to their bow.

Partially eaten Wood Pigeon


On the other side of the building, yet to be scaffolded, there are 3 high level larger cache ledges that I know they use the most for stashing prey; it will be very interesting to see what is on these, I know there is going to be far far more.