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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Beckton Sewage Works and C'mon England

Winter has arrived lately and with it many of the winter speciality species like Redshank, Curlew and Black Tailed Godwits.

All were seen recently on visits heralding the approaching cold stuff and in particular Redshank numbers are rapidly building, usual wintering numbers are around 100 but according to the weathermen, it will be a cold snowy November/December so numbers may well rise.

However I recall cold snowy winters are forecast most years so we will see.

I caught up with the Common Buzzards again on a couple of occasions, at one time both in the air together, they are remarkably similar given that there is so much variation in the species, you only have to look at the individual seen earlier in the month at Rainham.

She is clearly bigger than him when together, not so pronounced as peregrines but there to see nonetheless, plumage is very similar as you can see from the merged photo, when you look closely little difference’s appear.

Her black band to the tail is not as obvious as the male so she may be younger than the male, although not clear photos so it may well be the light and the angle of the image.

Dawn just about to go worming - I think this is the male

Merged and very similar

As I write this we have hit November; however Saturday November 2nd is hopefully going to be a great day as we face the Springboks in the Final.

There is no doubt that the battle of the forwards is going to be immense, the Boks are always physical but hopefully we will have their measure.

With Curry and Underhill I think we have the best pairing in world rugby and with Tuilagi again a big threat and always making ground, the backs could play a bigger part.

Great also to see another Sarries man in there also, Heinz has done a great job and a shame he got injured but a great opportunity for Spencer.

C’mon England!

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