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Sunday, 18 August 2019

Battersea Power Station


The Battersea Triangle still remains at stalemate after a good few months now; as it stands for 2020 I do not know who she will breed with.

One thing for sure is that we do not want a repetition of this year’s tragic events; breeding stability is needed as we approach next year’s breeding season.

Having watched the CCTV it has become clear that the sub adult is at times making himself a nuisance, the Falcons behaviour of spending a few hours in the box most afternoon’s having a nap has stopped due to his pestering for attention. As soon as he arrives she leave’s, presumably for a bit of peace.

Sub adult being a nuisance
It shows he is still thinking and acting like a juvenile craving for attention/ trying to induce her to hunt, there is no doubt she is a more accomplished hunter than him but it could be that Jan/Feb 2020 this behaviour may change. 

Of course this depends if he is still present, hopefully he will move on to find his own territory, as I see it though, he regards the Power Station as his territory. The whole situation it seems has come from his father disappearing around November 2018, we have had long staying juveniles previously going into the following year but always they are gone pre breeding.

He is now changing fast into an adult, gone is the brown streaked chest and flanks, he is now a lot ‘whiter’ and barred.

His crown, mantle, back and tail are now changing to the trademark ‘slate grey/blue’, the adult colouring now surpasses the ‘brown’ juvenile plumage.

Sub adult changing fast

As for the adult Tiercel he is still residing half a mile to the east, he is paired and bonded to the Falcon but unable to enter site due to the sub adult so most day’s the Falcon flies to him, it really is the oddest relationship. 

Forever waiting - adult Tiercel sitting on his Crane to the east

Looking forward, the breeding stability is needed not only for the obvious success of the pair for 2020, but also to aid the translocation to a permanent nest site which has been designed for them on the Power Station when works are complete. 

Falcon - who will she breed with?

The 3 of them need to sort themselves out, as I have said before the sub adult needs to move on ideally to regain normality, if he does I am sure the full adult Tiercel would be straight in. 


  1. Very interesting stuff Dave, good to follow their struggles through your blog

  2. Cheers Brian, hopefully the situation will resolve itself soon.