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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Family Reunited

Following on from the ‘Grounders’ post, the plan last Saturday, was to get the 2nd juvenile back with its sibling previously released on June 4th near the nest site under licence.

Juvenile ready to go back

If you recall on the Saturday June 8th it was exceptionally windy, obviously I was a bit concerned on the release, I was hoping the little chap would not fly and just sit around and take it all in first.

However circumstances dictated that we had to go with the Saturday so we pressed on.

After being ringed by Paul and Shaun I released the juvenile back from the box, the Falcon was circling which was good, it’s always good to have a visual connection to the juv, we had also seen the first juvenile on another building so we also knew it wasn’t present at the nest site.

Getting ready for ringing

Shaun and Paul putting the rings on, I have to work them a bit but there getting the hang of it.

Ready to go

However the little chap had other ideas and went for it on release, no doubt he could feel the wind whistling through the release box.
He turned into the wind and went up and after a short while he landed on an even higher building, the Falcon was watching him so all looked ok.

It’s always a bit of a concern on release, most won’t fly straight away and will take in their surroundings but this little chap had other ideas.

On Sunday I went back to have a look, very relieved to see both juveniles together on another building with the Falcon nearby so a good ending and a big thanks to the public who found them both.

As ever the South Essex Wildlife Hospital team did a great job, the juveniles always go back healthier and well fed, over the years we must have returned 20 back to their respective parents, or in some cases foster parents.

Also thanks to my 2 mates Shaun and Paul in helping out and doing the ringing, both juveniles are now green ringed so hopefully when they branch out on there own they will be seen in the future.