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Friday, 19 April 2019

New Nest Box

I placed another nest box in London on Tuesday, due to circumstances a bit late in the year for breeding but peregrines are anything but predictable so you never know.
A pair has been present previously, but as is the case in a number of sites, lack a position for nesting although the structure/building is perfectly suited for peregrines, hence giving them a helping hand with either a Box or a Tray.
If using a box, where possible unless the available position dictates, I will face it east or north, it gets them out of the prevalent westerly/south westerly winds nowadays, none of us like a draft up your back do we?

The box I fitted on Tuesday I managed to get round to the north and I also gave it a back access hole for adults/juveniles alike.

I try to do this wherever possible where 3 week old juveniles start to explore their habitat, giving them access to a larger area where they can exercise and build wing strength is often the difference between a successful or unsuccessful maiden fledging flight.

Ready to go up - tools,leads and 3 bags potting grit


It fits

In position with a 'scrape' to encourage them

Hole for juveniles - have to make a staggered step for access

100mm of substrate - peregrines often go down to the wood if you don't make it deep enough

I have to go back next week, as you can probably see I need to build a staggered step so juveniles can access the back a bit easier.

Fingers crossed for next year.

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