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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Beckton Thrushes

I have been visiting the Sewage Works quite often of late, it’s a good time of year with many migrant birds now starting to arrive from Africa etc so the site will soon be buzzing with more bird song.

This year it seems to have been invaded by Ring Necked Parakeets, on Sunday on a drive round site I recorded 50 of them, all seemingly feeding on fresh tree buds. Not great for our native birds, hopefully they are just visiting and not trying to nest, 1 pair are already breeding on site.

Ring Necked Parakeet feeding - not good for native species

The site has always been good for winter Thrushes and this year is no different, on Sunday there were 40 Fieldfare, around 6 Redwing and a Mistle Thrush, there are 2 of these but I suspect the mate is incubating now. Like Song Thrush, around 8 singing birds on site, Mistle's have gone Red List as well, they are declining so good to see them still on site.

Fieldfare - the site has always been good for them.

Mistle Thrush - declining

It was as I was taking a few photos of the Fieldfare that I struck gold in the shape of a female Ring Ouzel, a rare migrant on her way up North where they breed, it’s the first one I have had on site over the years. It bought the Beckton site list for me up to 139 species which is not too shabby for an urban site on the edge of London as I see it.

Ring Ouzel - a very welcome patch addition

Elsewhere I am only seeing the one Common Buzzard at the moment which is interesting so will keep an eye out, the female Kestrel I would say will lay shortly, the male is bringing in quite a lot of varied prey.

Common  Buzzard 

Green Sandpiper - these winter on site

There is also another female/immature Kestrel on site, I keep seeing it near the set aside, I suspect it could be one of last year’s youngsters possibly, good to see though that the site is again holding good numbers of Raptors.

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