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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Parliament - February 2019

After 3 successful breeding seasons at Victoria Palace I was hoping for more of the same for 2019, however after several visits in January and February, it looks like the Tiercel has gone unfortunately.

Similar to Battersea Power Station, the Tiercel has coincidentally disappeared there also, as we approach the egg laying stage(mid March) onwards I was hoping that both sites would have been replaced by now given that a few months have gone by.

Given the density of single birds around London and the number of juveniles produced each year drawn back to the City, not to mention ‘migrant’ UK peregrines living up to their Latin name ‘wanderer’, I am a little surprised it hasn’t happened already.

The Parliament Falcon is on her own unlike the Battersea Falcon, who has the juvenile Tiercel from 2018 still present, so hopefully it should be more straightforward possibly for the Parliament bird.
The Tiercel from Parliament was ringed, no colour ring but the standard BTO ring on his right leg, presumably if a colour ring was on the other leg it had broken or he never had one in the first place.

Hopefully on both sites the Tiercel will be replaced and they may still breed, with breeding shortly upon us and the urges and wanderlust it brings to unattached birds they may still be replaced.

Photos are from last week of the Parliament Falcon, for once she landed in the right spot to get some decent photos of her that do her justice.

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