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Sunday, 10 February 2019

Beckton - early February

Not great weather of late but Spring is showing the first signs with some birds beginning early courtship, Song Thrushes are already blasting out tunes and Great Spotted Woodpeckers are drumming, makes you feel warmer just hearing it.

The Common Buzzards are perhaps giving an indication that this year could be the one that they try and breed, I have marked all the old Carrion Crows nests so will be keeping an eye on them for signs of use.
Still trying to sort out who is who but pretty sure now, they are hard to sex, that the male is the one with the white crescent on its chest, I originally thought this was the female.

This was reinforced when I saw it go up after another passing Buzzard; it was then attacked so good signs of territoriality, at the time I could see the other Buzzard, hopefully the female sitting in a Tree so looking promising.

'White Crescent male' above going for intruder

The Kestrels as ever are glued to the nest box; the male now is giving Feral Pigeons the heave ho every time one comes near.

Saw them copulate so breeding is on again.

The Black Redstart is still favouring the same area of tanks but have now seen a 2nd bird, a more advanced male which is extremely elusive on another section of the site. A stronger wing bar was quite evident and more rich markings, hope to get some photos of this if it sticks.

Grey Seal

The bull Grey Seal again put in an appearance the other day and judging by the size of the fish he had, which looked like a Thick Lipped Mullet he was having a good morning.

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