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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Charring X Clean Up

Below is a selection of photos taken recently of the nest box clean up and substrate renewal of the Fulham and Barnes Peregrines, this pair is monitored by Nathalie Mahieu.

The site is a well known publicized site on Charring X Hospital, the nest site on a balcony ledge, which over the last 5 years, has more or less constantly held water during rainfall instead of draining off.

The box is more or less at the furthest point from the drain but due to the wrongs falls being put in during construction, it holds water rather than drains off.

Consequently the bottom of the box has remained saturated for long periods.

It has been raised to offset this, but now in its 5th year, it has seen better days. It is time for a new nest box, this will be placed around October/November.

The work was undertaken by Industrial Abseiling, who did a very good job.

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