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Thursday, 5 March 2015

You can't help them all.....or can you?

My aim over the years has always been to help peregrines breed successfully in the urban jungle; in many cases a nest box or tray has made the difference.

Without either it is likely in some cases they would not succeed through poor nest site location, exposure, bad drainage or egg rolling from a bad substrate choice, usually young birds.
Without the boxes or trays the success rate would not be there, I am not blowing my own trumpet, others all over the Country do this as well along with the LPP who monitor the other half of London’s peregrines.

Of the 11 pairs that I monitor, 9 now uses boxes or trays I have provided for them, but one pair, pretty local and becoming well known are under achieving due to a lack of a nest site.

It pisses me off no end that I can’t give them the chance to breed and fledge young, it’s not through a want of not trying, I have explored several buildings which they use but each time an obstacle has appeared unfortunately.

The Tiercel from the site

I saw this pair copulate the other day so I have no doubt that, as in other years, they will try and likely fail, there simply is nowhere for them to breed successfully without the aid of an artificial nest site. Of course I would love this particular pair to prove me wrong.

I won’t touch on the persecution they sometimes face, mostly up north but some sites are not publicised for a reason, I wish it was otherwise but unfortunately this is the world we live in.
It would certainly be easier for me, my friends and colleagues will likely know which site I am referring to, it has now been 5 years with no success.

What we should be achieving - brood success, this is one of my other monitoring sites

The authorities and building managers I have approached have been helpful but we need to be doing more, quite simply we are failing them, they should be breeding by now.


  1. Dave, we all know wildlife needs unique people like you, you don't just talk about it, you do the deed and get results with satisfaction, good luck mate.

  2. Very nice of you to say so Dave, appreciated. Hopefully the powers that be might read this.