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Monday, 30 March 2015

Red Kites

Last week I undertook some Red Kite surveys in Buckinghamshire, just over an hour’s drive above Aylesbury from my house on a good run.

It never fails to surprise given the number of pairs of Red Kite around the Chilterns that we don’t see more in Essex or even Kent for that matter.

The way I see it, and I could be wrong, is that the dispersal into other counties should be greater than it is given the numbers involved around the Chilterns. Both Essex and Kent provide the perfect habitat of Farmland for foraging and Woodland for breeding, to me it looks as if they will not leave guaranteed food sources like Tips.

Common Buzzard showing a bit of feather wear

Red Kite

Pair of territorial Red Kites giving a Common Buzzard the treatment

Pair of Common Buzzards nest site prospecting

Marsh Tit

While I was surveying I came across a Tip and no less than 17 Red Kites were present, aerially competing with large Gulls and Crows for scraps, it is possible that with these and other feeding points in their areas they will not disperse.

Can’t say I blame them, with guaranteed food on your doorstep why look for pastures new, however there must come a point when they reach saturation, be good to see them gracing the skies one day above Rainham Tip.

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