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Friday 7 November 2014

Isle of Sheppy

November 4th

This was to be the first visit of the 2nd winter period, myself and Shaun headed down arriving at dawn at Harty Lane, no wind giving perfect ‘ Owl ‘ conditions.
In the past I have had both Shortie and Barn down the Lane but we saw none, I suspect conditions are possibly just too mild and Owl numbers have probably not built up yet. If I remember correctly they were also seen over Capel Fleet more.

None the less we got to see a good number of Marsh Harriers; many coming from roost by the looks of it, there were also at least 2 Common Buzzards around.
Not quite the numbers of Raptors as yet, no signs of Hen Harrier during the first hour or so but we did pick up 3 Kestrels and a very distant peregrine.

From here we went to Leysdown picking up 3 Corn Buntings on the way, arriving at Leysdown showed large numbers of Waders looking to roost along with 300 odd Dark Bellied Brent’s going to the fields to feed.

Quite a spectacular sight also was a single flock of around 150 Curlew going to roost on the Saltings.

We then spent an enjoyable couple of hours watching and photographing the waders, also seen was a single Wheatear.

Having a 'jaw'

Seemingly everywhere these days

The last part of the day was spent back down Harty Lane with a couple of posy Stonechats, by now it was sunny but no Raptors were aloft other than Kestrel.

Bearded Tit were seen and at least 3 Water Rail calling with a flyby Kingfisher.

Not the hoped for Hen Harrier or perhaps a Rough Legged Buzzard, but surely it’s only a matter of time for the latter due to the numbers that have arrived.

ATM Streetart for Hen Harrier Day - seen it before but still stunning

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