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Thursday 17 July 2014

RSPB Vange Marshes and Bowers Marsh

July 14th

A spare morning so headed down early towards Bowers Marsh, lots of sunshine as I arrived at 7.40am to find the bloody gate closed, the gate is not opened until 9.00am.Its a bit remote and I didn’t fancy leaving the car outside and walking in so headed back to Vange Marshes.

Parking up at the usual spot I headed for the flood and could already see good numbers of waders, en route I picked up Bearded Tit and at least 6 Marbled Whites, Ruddy Darters were everywhere as were Small and Essex Skippers.

Scanning around produced the following

Greenshank – 5
Green Sandpiper – 1
Spotted Redshank – 1 I understand there have been 5 recently
Wood Sandpiper – 1 the pick of the bunch
Ruff – a male
Black Tailed Godwit – 2
Avocet – 9

All in all a good selection of waders, rather distant as per usual, as I have said before its crying out for a Hide, surely soon unless there is a reason the RSPB are not – perhaps a vandalism issue as the site can’t be secured?

Marbled White

Ruddy Darter

By now time was marching on so I headed for Bowers Marsh, arriving down the dust track produced an open gate of all things (why 9.00am?) along with a singing Corn Bunting in the Car Park.

2 Yellow Wagtails quickly followed as I walked out before I arrived at the scrape nearest to the road, this was teeming with waders, especially Avocets, likely around 70+.

Going through them produced –

Greenshank – 9

Black Tailed Godwit – 7 seen over the back

Redshank – 9

Ruff – 1 male

Mediterranean Gull – 1 adult

A nice assortment of birds which was added to as I walked back after an hour or so watching them, 27 more Black Tailed Godwits dropped in to another pool.


27 Black Tailed Godwits dropped in

On the walk back Cetti’s was heard and more Marbled Whites seen, a good morning to start the day.

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