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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Canvey Point

July 10th

On a whim I decided to head for the point, rain and overcast low cloud made for good conditions although the northerly wind and early time of the year meant that expectations were not that high.
It turned out to be a good morning, I watched from 9.15am to 11.45am with high tide around 11.30am, below are some of the highlights from the session.

Jeff also turned up and stayed later so his numbers and species are likely different to mine.

Gannet – 138 seen, flocks of 21,40,17 and 60.All coming in high from the Pier, more or less getting near the Point and then turning back.

Great Skua 2 – 1 seen well mid river going out and another very good candidate far out shadowing one of the Gannet flocks.

Record shot of the Bonxie

Mediterranean Gull – around 12 seen, all ages other than juvenile

Sandwich Tern – 4 seen up and down the river

Little Tern – 3-4 birds with 2 seen together going out, singles were passing the Point but was likely the same bird(s) or 2 working the Shoreline

Black Tailed Godwits – 7 seen Kent to Essex

Dunlin – again 7 seen all summer plumed as were the Godwits

Around 20 odd Common Terns were seen, no Arctic’s as yet and throughout the watch Swifts were coming across from Kent to Essex.
Little Terns are always good to see and after last year’s absence for me of seeing them at the Point, seeing 3-4 in early July was a real bonus.

As you can imagine photos are not great due to the weather but you can’t have it all, a very enjoyable sea watch.

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