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Friday, 19 July 2013

Purple Emperors

After finishing a survey mid-morning during the week I had the chance after to visit a site having heard that there were Purple Emperors in the Woods.
I have tried to see these majestic Butterflies on a number of occasions and failed miserably, I put it down to a lack of  dog poo, if you are not aware dog poo is like caviar to a Purple Emperor, an acquired taste, not for everyone but they seem to love the stuff, the fresher the better.
Below is selection of photos taken from the past week.

Purple Emperor

Dog poo is a favourite

4 on the ground

Marbled White

Silver Washed Fritillery

White Admiral - trying to get a photo of one of these is challenging to say the least

Purple Emperor

Red Kite starting to build a nest - failed breeder or spurred on by the weather?

Met him out in the middle of a field of wheat.

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