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Saturday, 6 July 2013


July 2nd

For the last 3 month’s I have been surveying constantly with not much of a chance to visit my local sites, or for that matter sites further afield. I am not moaning, how could I, whilst surveying I also got to see some great birds and I get paid for it, I am very lucky.
All weekends have been taken up with London’s Peregrines but with surveys now nearly finished, I have a little more time on my hands.

Such was the case this morning when I decided to visit Dungeness, I know, the wrong time of year but good to get down there just the same.
On arrival I checked the sea and watched for a couple of hours, nothing to write home about, 30 odd Gannets + 3 small flocks of Common Scoter numbering about 45 birds, plenty of Terns around but could not find the Roseate which I was told has been seen occasionally.
3 adults,1st winter and juvenile Mediterranean Gulls were on the shingle along with my first juvenile Black Headed Gull of the year so a nice little assortment mixed in with some Common and Sandwich Terns.

1st/summer- winter Mediterranean Gull with juvenile Black Headed Gull

Adult Mediterranean Gulls

The reserve as expected was very quiet, one thing I did not know is that Common Gulls breed on the Tern rafts, it seems the Terns tolerate them, probably viewed much the same as Black Headed Gulls.
The usual Marsh Harriers were around along with 2 Hobbies which were very welcome, although they defied all my attempts to get a decent photo.

Drinker Moth?

Even less sure on this one - Garden Tiger?


Common Gull with 2 large chicks on Tern raft, also Oystercatcher.

A good end to the morning and now looking forward to some autumn passage.

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