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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Dagenham Riverside November 14th

A low tide visit to see if any waders are starting to show, winter is just starting to take a grip with a drop in temperature over the weekend, from long range forecasts it looks as if we are in for some snow in the south.

I last visited here on October 24th when a very confiding and tame Fox came up to me, on arrival on site I parked up in exactly the same place and whistled, as you would for a dog.

Foxy emerging from cover

 Blow me down, didn’t the Fox come running out of the undergrowth and walked straight up to me, he then stood about 5 foot from me and was sniffing. Obviously checking me out to see if I had any grub on me, I didn’t, but did have some in the car, chuckling to myself I walked back to the car, the Fox following like a sheepdog. Gave him some grub which he wolfed down, except for some ham, I saw him walk into the undergrowth and bury it.

 The odds on him being in the same place 3 weeks later are rather slim, so I expect he has an earth in the undergrowth, if the same thing happens on my next visit, I would not be surprised if he barks and wags his tail.

Left him to it and headed for the foreshore to look for waders, on the way I found 3 Lesser Redpolls and 2 Siskins feeding in an Alder tree, a good start.

Black Tailed Godwits

Black Tailed Godwit showing the tail
 Also seen were –

Redshank – 48 on the mud

Black Tailed Godwit – 17 also on the mud feeding

Rock Pipit – 2 foreshore rocks

Curlew – 1 in with the Blackwits

Common Snipe – 1 foreshore

Sparrowhawk – female trying to take a Blackbird

Yellow Legged Gull - 2 adults on the mud

Goldcrest – 1 in the foreshore treeline

Rather poor photo’s I’m afraid, typical English day, overcast and grey with little light for photography.

Female Peregrine with feral pigeon prey taken early morning in Central London

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  1. Love the fox photos. I have only ever seen fox out at night. These were great shots.
    Did you know this peregrine? If she was by herself you could still tell it was a female by size? Central London this is where you watch all the time you knew her by where she took the pigeon back to?