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Monday 22 November 2010

Barking Bay November 21st

Rising tide visit, poor weather again so wasn’t expecting to get many decent photo’s.

Linnet flock

 The large expanse of mud showed good numbers of waders, could also see large numbers on the Crossness side. Also came across a decent flock of Linnet numbering around 160 birds, Brownfield sites like the Bay become very important to them in winter as you get closer to London.                                                                                                                                                        


 As I scanned the low bramble, ever hopeful for a Shrike like the Woodchat many years ago, I got onto a Stonechat, good to see one as there numbers were decimated a couple of winters back.

Looking through the waders and wildfowl produced –

Curlew – 5

Common Sandpiper – 1

Black Tailed Godwits – a good flock of 87 tucked around the corner, could see even more over the Crossness side.

Dunlin – 144,small group initially then joined by a larger group from Crossness

Oystercatcher – 1 seen amongst the Black Tailed Godwits at Crossness

Redshank – 112, many more Crossness

Ringed Plover – 4

Lapwing – 63 again many more Crossness side

Shelduck – 48 on the mud

Teal – 18

Rock Pipit – 1 on the foreshore rocks

Brent Goose

 Halfway through I got onto a lone Goose that came inland and then landed briefly, rather unusually it turned out to be a Brent. A good record for the site, certainly the 1st I have had here. It was obviously very spooky as it only fed briefly, last seen flying onto the river and looking as if it was going upstream.

Brent Goose over

 A very good morning so I headed for Dagenham Riverside for a high tide count.


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