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Friday 5 July 2024

Battersea Latest - June

The usual dawn arrival, I firstly I checked on the Peregrines to see where we are with them, and to see if our female is still with us at the grand old age of 14.

Initially I couldn't locate either but presently both appeared and started to sunbathe, enjoying the weather. After checking her head markings and eventually seeing her BTO leg ring on her right leg, it was apparent that our usual Falcon is still present and holding on.

Despite their crops being flatish, hunger was not kicking in and both were making the most of the weather and just lazing around enjoying the sun, after a while both retired to the north east chimney to continue the sun worshipping.

Elsewhere I started to have a look round for smaller species, it was quite obvious that Goldfinches are absolutely everywhere. It's looking like a bumper year yet again for the species, the Power Station has become a hotspot for them with its multitude of small trees providing nest sites.

The usual Grey and Pied Wagtails, 2 pairs of each, have obviously had a good year also as both are feeding young aloft with fledgers also present at the Riverside. The Pied Wagtail males are catching Crane Flies on the lawns, and then heading up to the West and East Roof Gardens, every habitat provides, both no doubt have nests aloft.

Blue and Great Tits are being seen also, I always look forward to the Autumn check of the nest boxes to see what is revealed, basically as more and more habitat is created numbers will increase even more.

A pair of Egyptian Geese were by the Coaling Jetty as was the usual Grey Heron.

A massive well done has to go to the team of Battersea Gardner’s, for rescuing 6 Mallard Ducklings up on Boiler House Gardens. Mallards always pick the craziest places to nest unfortunately, although safe from predators, there is no way down for the Ducklings.

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