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Saturday 15 June 2024

Grounders and Ringing

The last week or so has flown by, first up was a grounded juvenile peregrine at an East London site last Friday, thankfully spotted by the owners and the recovery procedure kicked in and Paul and myself were notified.

Initially located on the floor by workers late afternoon, we got the call and arrived at 7.30p.m but failed to locate it, widening the perimeter, we eventually located it sitting large as life on a handrail.

With myself distracting it to keep its attention, Paul grabbed it quite simply and transferring the bird, then colour ringed it.

I am still having to take it easy, so Paul took the bird aloft and released it where the adults will feed it, watching from ground level, it straight away joined 2 other fledged juveniles aloft in the vicinity and the adult Tiercel slightly lower down.

A good release back and well done to Paul for doing all the hard graft.


Elsewhere, ringing of various species – Peregrine, Barn Owl and Kestrel has kept Shaun and Paul very busy, in particular on the Peregrine front with the new white colour scheme which we started in 2023.

Its turning into a very productive year for the pairs we monitor on the scheme and could well be the most chicks/juveniles produced.

In regard to Barn Owls and Kestrels, it has also been very productive, from 2 sites alone, it produced 11 Barn Owl and 9 Kestrel chicks from various boxes.

More to come later on this.









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