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Friday 15 September 2023

Beckton September 3rd 2023

This was the first visit since July, good weather, easy birding as I stayed in the car around the Sewage Works, it was just good to be out and catch up with the wildlife.

Obviously having missed a portion of migrant time, I was keen to catch up with hopefully a few still going through, so it proved with 2 Northern Wheatears on the eastern section of the works.

Although one disappeared straight away, the 2nd proved very photogenic, posing very well for photos, with the car acting as a ‘natural’ hide it was quite approachable.

Both Sparrowhawk, Common Buzzard and Kestrel were also seen, all being resident breeders on site, whilst looking for these though, I caught up with a Kingfisher. These are never easy, more often heard before being seen, if your lucky, however this one landed and started fishing.

I got a few photos and good to connect with an approachable one, its usually just a blue flash going by.

                                                               A mischief of Magpies

                                                        Cormorant - too hot

                                                           Crows being there usual self

                                                                     Posy one at last

                                        Kestrel Box - being cleant out this month+new substrate

                                                                   Teal - already back

                                                                        Little cracker

A rewarding visit, much needed therapy, lagging behind this year trying to make my 100 species annual total, so far only 90 seen/heard but a few months left yet.


  1. Hi David - my daughter (age 7) has decided to do a school project on the Battersea Power Station peregrine falcons. We live next door and see them on the chimneys on our way to school sometimes. Could we perhaps arrange a call with you soon, so she could ask you some questions about them? My email address is if you don't mind getting in touch! Thank you very much. Rachel

  2. Rachel Hi, no problem whatsoever and glad to help, if your daughter needs photos let me know, I have 20+ years of them. I will e mail today.