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Wednesday 28 December 2022

Beckton December 2022


Not so many visits in December, the year list has finished on 100, so that is it for 2022, my next visit will be 2023.I strive to make 100 every year as my goal, I don’t bird it flat out with multiple visits, if I did, more than likely would achieve a higher total.

What it does show in all these annual visits, is species that are doing ok and ones that you could count on at one time, disappearing. Mistle Thrush for one used to be an annual breeder here but sadly disappeared 3 years back, I now struggle to see one annually, not surprising seeing that they are now Red List as well. Green Woodpecker used to be nailed on but again, haven’t seen one for a couple of years on site.

I recently added 4 species to the list, this was due to the cold weather-related conditions, these were Skylark (3), Lapwing, Common Snipe (2) and Dunlin (5).

I half expected to see them due to the weather, thankfully conditions have become milder, and it is now easier for birds and wildlife to find food.

I also caught up with not one but 2 Black Redstarts having a bit of a dispute, both looked like 1st year birds.

They are annual on site but remarkably elusive, I often just get brief views as I drive around site.

The Sewage Works not surprisingly, is a food magnet for wintering passerines and the number of Pied Wagtails on site is very likely around 70 birds. Grey Wagtails numbers are not so high, but the numbering of wintering birds is always into double figures.

The numbering of wintering Chiffchaffs has often reached 30 birds in some winters, it is a favoured site for the little warbler, as yet in this winter period I have not picked up a Siberian, if it is present.

Another year nearly past, all the best for the New Year to everyone, have a great year.



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