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Friday, 30 April 2021

Summer Migrants

I have undertook a few surveys of late both in Essex and Kent, as ever at this time of year you look forward to the migrants flooding in.

It seems to have been slow this year, you’re always a little impatient to see them but I suspect the cold frosty mornings mixed in with cold winds have held a lot back.

However, I have caught up with a few, notably good numbers of Yellow Wagtail, a Little Ringed Plover that took a shine to a puddle and the ever obliging Wheatears. These are always a favorite and herald the coming of the migrants and warmer climes.

I also got some photos of some Swallows, against the sun having a rest on a fence, when you think how far they have come not surprising having a breather.

On one of the surveys also caught up with a nice flock of Black Tailed Godwit mostly in summer plumes, looking at photos a few colour ringers in amongst them as well so will try and trace.

                                                    Couple of colour ringed birds in there.

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