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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Battersea Power Station

Stability at last

The adult Tiercel has now moved onto the Power Station site and as per previous update has usurped the sub adult Tiercel, it was badly needed and just a pity it didn’t happen earlier in the breeding season, the breeding outcome I have no doubt would have been different with the chicks.

He is already pulling his weight more than the previous sub adult, bringing in far more prey with the Falcon obviously taking it from him, even if he did in one case try to hold onto it. It is the natural state of things and unlike the sub adult pestering/bullying his mother for prey, this new Tiercel delivers and waits.

Adult Tiercel - taking his place on site

His arrival on site has also altered the Falcons behaviour, she now spends more time resting/sleeping in the nest box, previously she was pestered by the sub adult but has now reverted back to type. 

Of the sub adult there has been no sign, hopefully he left ‘naturally’ pushed out by the adult Tiercel choosing this as the wisest option.

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