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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Beckton Sewage Works Latest

Since the last post on the Kestrels, all which are now flying around, fully fledged and now getting harder to find I have since found the Sparrowhawks.
They have chosen to nest this year in a really inaccessible position, I can hear the young calling and have seen the adults coming and going regularly to this particular tree. Will hopefully get some photos when they become mobile and start showing themselves outside of the nest.

In regards to photos, I am using 70-200mm lens at the moment, the Nikon 200 – 500mm F5.6 broke unfortunately and seized up at 400mm.

Taken into Fixation on June 3rd, have been told that Nikon UK, Nikon Europe and Nikon Japan do not have the part so still waiting.
Was told impact damage, but have never dropped it and now having done a bit of research on the Forums, found the exact same thing has happened to others as well.

Very frustrating, especially at £377.00 and only 2 years old from new, it’s not something I would expect from Nikon and obviously a little suspicious, when 3 Nikon organisations have all run out of the same spare part.

Have stated my case to them but getting nowhere at the moment.

Enough of that and rant over, the pair of Common Buzzards are still summering on site holding to a particular area but as yet can see no evidence of breeding. Giving them plenty of space and watching distantly from the car they seem bullet proof when it comes to the local Crows. Mobbed wherever they go, they seemingly just ignore them only occasionally reacting, incredibly thick skinned Raptors.

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Enjoying the sun

Adult Kittiwake in June - very unusual

One thing that has come from the lens failure is that I have been using the 105mm Macro lens more on Dragons/Butterflies, good fun and some of the shots are not too shabby.

Harbour Seal with Flattie

Common Tern

Pollen covered Bee

Southern Hawker hopefully

Black Tailed Skimmer

Either female Common Blue or Brown Argus?

Emerald Damselfly

Large Skipper

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