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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Beckton Sewage Works

October 15th

After all the major works to the site over the last few years, both on the traditional site and up grading the river works and foreshore, it is good to see wildlife again becoming more abundant with many works now complete.

Goldcrest - seeing and hearing a lot of these this year

A species that I have not seen over the site for a few years now, Barn Owl, has suddenly reappeared after a longish absence, recent sightings by staff have confirmed this and was one of the reasons for my nocturnal visit on Sunday morning.

Arriving at 5.30am showed a bird present straight away before flying off to its roost site around 6.40am.
At Beckton they are strictly nocturnal due to the presence of a large number of Carrion Crows; I would suspect they would get heavily mobbed if they flew diurnally.

Another species, this one not making a comeback but relatively new to the site, is a single Common Buzzard. On most of my visits now I am seeing it, I would presume drawn in for the winter by the large number of Rabbits present.

Usually just a flyover bird, this battle hardened individual is actively hunting over the site regardless of all the Crows that are mobbing it, I suspect they are seen as an occupational hazard.

I also caught up with 11 Black Tailed Godwit on the foreshore, again a bird that I did not connect with much at the Outfall over the last couple of years. Hopefully this flock of 11 is the fore runner of many more to come.

Showing the bendy bill

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