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Friday, 4 September 2015

Abberton Raptor Fest

September 4th

With recent news of the Osprey and the Great White Egret on the grapevine, both having been present for a little while now, I decided on a visit.

It’s been a while since I visited, if I remember correctly last year so this was way overdue and I headed straight for Layer Breton in the hope, mainly of seeing the Osprey.

With impeccable timing I arrived as it was on the wing, a bit distant with a Common Buzzard for company, nonetheless I was very lucky even if they were far off views. After about 2 or 3 minutes of thermaling it went down to its favoured tree, a good start so I walked along the causeway in the hope of seeing the Great White Egret.

Distant Osprey

Osprey being tailed by a Common Buzzard

Having spoken to a couple of birders I was told one of its haunts was the end of the causeway looking back in the corner, sure enough on arrival there it was. A bit distant but again a good bird so not complaining, grabbed a few shots and then started to walk back.

Great White Egret - favours the corner

As I did a Red Kite appeared with a Common Buzzard for company, at times mobbing it, makes you realise just how big a Red Kite is when you see them together.

Red Kite just about to get mobbed by a Buzzard

I then decided to spend the next 90 minutes watching, not only for the Osprey but any other Raptors, there seemed to be some activity, whether this is normal here I don’t know.

As follows -

Marsh Harrier 2 – adult female type and a very dark juvenile with clean feathering.

Peregrine – 1 juvenile female

Common Buzzard – 3 in the air together

Kestrel – 1 seen

Sparrowhawk – 1 seen

Hobby – 1 up high had all the Hirundines bunching

With the Red Kite and Osprey, which I never saw again, it made 8 species of bird of prey, something I only usually get on Sheppy in the depths of winter, so all in all an excellent morning.

Juvenile female Peregrine

Common Buzzard - looks good for a juvenile

To round it off I paid a visit to the other causeway, Layer De La Haye and had Green and Common Sandpiper along with several Ruff.

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