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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Short Toed Eagle

During the week I at last got the chance to venture forth and undertake some Birding that is not Peregrine related, I am not complaining it’s just refreshing to have a change now and then.
With news circulating that the Short Toed Eagle was still present in Ashdown Forest I headed down that way early morning after getting precise directions from Bradders (Thanks).

Arriving at the Long Car Park I followed other Birders heading out along the path, great habitat soon produced Wood Lark, Tree Pipit and a family of Stonechats.
I also noticed that many had upped the pace and were striding out along the 800 metre walk( what did they know?) so I tucked in behind them for less wind resistance and matched them all the way, Birders we met coming from the site confirmed not seen yet. The pace increased, I was in a good position in case I had to slipstream.

Arriving at the viewing site showed about 40 odd people looking with Shaun, Mart and Jono present as well, all 3 were twitching before work it seems, like I have said before they are a bit touched.

With the camera still in the bag I settled down with the boys and scanned around, 30 minutes later a shout went up from behind us and there it was coming across our line of view.

Complete panic ensued as we all went for cameras, basically I made a right cock up of it, wrong settings but can’t complain with the views I got through the Bins.
Closer than any of the views that I have had of them in Spain or Bulgaria, it was a stunning looking bird and the views shortly after, when it landed in a tree through the scope, were just as good, especially of the head.

Dodgy photos of it, they don't do it credit, it is a stunner.

The boys went shortly after and I stayed, the advantages of retirement kicking in, after this I had a wander round, it’s good to see birds like Tree Pipit and Wood Lark, just don’t get to see them enough, also forgot how musical Wood Lark song is.

Tree Pipit

Wood Lark

Looks like Shaun and Mart have found a mirror again and are checking there hair.

Eventually I headed back home after adding a couple of Common Buzzards and a Hobby, a thoroughly good morning and I suspect that if it stays, I may well head down there again for another crack at it.


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