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Saturday 23 March 2013

New Zealand bound

Today( Sunday)  I am off to pastures new to see my daughter, son in law and grandchildren in Auckland, and I must admit, although not looking forward to the flight I am now given our weather of late. The flight is a long one, 13 hours to Los Angeles, 2 hour turn around and then 11 hours to Auckland. I don’t mind flying, but for that period of time I will be climbing the walls, inactivity I am not good at unfortunately even at my age.

So I will not be blogging for 3 weeks but will hopefully have some good photos when I return, in the meantime below are a couple of photos from the past week and last year.

Stunning birds

Female Sparrowhawk and Crow doing the usual at Battersea Power Station

Magpie getting the treatment

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