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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A casualty of the weather?

Last Friday I received a call from Anthony Kiddle the local Police Wildlife Officer, a member of the public had picked up a dead Peregrine outside their Tower block.
We both attended in the evening and I was fearing the worst, this time of year they are feeding large juveniles, if it was an adult it would be hard on the family.
On arrival and seeing the bird I was relieved slightly to see it was an immature Hobby, none the less a sad sight but at least there were not juveniles hopefully involved, like Peregrines breeding usually takes place in the 2nd summer when it is an adult.The plumage showed it was just changing.

An unfortunate end for a stunning bird, it appears that it had been chasing Swifts that congregate/breed at the top of the Tower Block and got caught out by the wind, Friday was the day of the really strong gusts.
It was found right outside the entrance doors with a broken neck, the Swifts were still present high up when we arrived.

Hopefully the autopsy will reveal nothing else.

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