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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Geese and Fish - Saturday Feb 12th

Popped in to the Valley on the way back from London hoping to get some better photo’s of the White Fronted Geese, the English weather as usual is thwarting my every step. Have now decided that I seriously need a camera that shoots at ISO3200, my Nikon D80 is ok but at low light, it is not good enough, neither is the auto focus, a D300s is calling.

White Fronted Geese in with the Greylags
Found the Geese in the top paddock, mixed in with around 70 Greylags, got off a couple of distant shots before they all flushed as a Micro Light Aircraft came over.

Refound them on the Res and got off a couple of digiscope shots, above and below is about the best I could do with the light.

Also happened on a chap landing a 28 pound Common Carp, an absolutely stunning looking fish, I am sure you will agree from the photo’s below.

Big Boy or might even be a girl, not sure how you tell with fish

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